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Diabetes,Creatinine 6.7 with GFR 10,How to Avoid Dialysis

2013-09-21 11:47


My wife is a diabetes sufferer.Her creatinine increases to 6.7 and GFR is 10.She was just told that she needs dialysis.Can she avoid dialysis?


We can understand your feeling.Nobody wants to be hooked up to dialysis.The good news is that there are successful cases that kidney patients avoid dialysis.

However,as you know,the illness condition varies from individual to individual.Whether she can avoid dialysis is up to her specific condition.

You can consult with our online doctor and get to know if she can prevent the onset of dialysis.

Firstly,you need to know how kidneys fail in diabetes.Kidneys can filter blood and remove extra fluid and wastes from body in right condition.However,if blood sugar keeps high, the kidneys will have to do extra work.Over time,the kidneys will become exhausted.Eventually,Kidney Failure occurs.

To prevent the onset of dialysis,the primary goal is to restore impaired kidney structure and improve renal function.If her renal function can be enhanced,dialysis will certainly be required.

How to improve renal function in diabetes?As her creatinine increases to 6.7,it indicates very levels of toxins and wastes in body.To reduce strain on kidneys and slow renal function decline, the first treatment goal is to eliminate wastes and toxins from blood.In this treatment process,Blood Purification treatment will be used.It can purify blood completely to create a good internal environment for repairing kidney structure.

After the blood is purified,Micro-Chinese Medicines Osmotherapy will be prescribed.This is an externally used treatment based on traditional Chinese herbal medicine.The effective medicine ingredients can activate the self-healing system in body to stimulate the self-regeneration of impaired kidney tissues.Once her renal function can be improved,dialysis will not required.

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