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Renal Failure And Diabetes with Renal Function at 20%

2013-09-17 15:18


My father has renal failure and his renal function is at 20%.He also has diabetes and high blood pressure.He does not want to start dialysis.Is there any alternative treatment?


Firstly,you need to have a full understanding of your condition. It is necessary for you to learn how renal failure occurs in diabetes.The tiny blood vessels in kidneys act filters in kidneys. In right condition,they can filter out excess fluid and wastes from body.However, if the blood sugar level is too high, the kidneys have to do more work to filter the blood. Over time, the workload will make the kidneys exhausted and impair the tiny blood vessels in kidneys.When the tiny blood vessels in kidneys become impaired,the kidneys will fail to work properly. Eventually,renal failure can occur.Diabetes renal disease is a progressive disorder.When your renal function decreases to 20% of normal, you are in stage 4 chronic kidney disease (CKD). Generally, when renal function reduces below 10% of normal, dialysis will be prescribed.

Just like your father, nobody wants dialysis as it can cause many discomforts and shorten the life span significantly.

To prevent the onset of dialysis, only two treatment options are left.One is to have Kidney Transplant.The other one is to improve the function of his native kidney.As for transplant, it is hard to get a matched kidney donor.

Then how to improve the function of the native kidney?The first treatment step is to purify blood and remove the wastes and toxins from blood.Therefore,it can reduce damage to kidneys and other vital organs and systems. Then, it is to restore the impaired tiny filters in kidneys to enhance renal function. If the function of the native kidney can be improved, he will certainly be able to prevent the onset of dialysis. The combined treatment of Blood Pollution Therapy and Micro-Chinese Medicines Osmotherapy is the recommended treatment for your father.You can email to kidneycares@hotmail.com  to get more detailed information about the treatment.

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