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Treatment for CKD Stage 4 with Creatinine 4.5

2013-09-10 16:01


I have lived with chronic kidney disease (CKD) for many years. I was diagnosed with CKD stage 4 recently with creatinine 4.5. My doctor told me that he could not treat me until my kidneys fail.I am wondering if there is an alternative treatment for CKD stage 4 with creatinine 4.5.


It is necessary for you to get a full understanding of your overall condition.So you can get to know what treatment is right for you.

Kidneys are a pair of vital organs in body.One of the most important functions is to filter out wastes and extra fluid from body.Additionally,they can make certain hormones,regulate blood vessels,and keep acid-base balance etc.In CKD stage 4, the kidneys are impaired significantly.As a result,high levels of toxins will build up in body,resulting in high creatinine. Meanwhile,a large number of complications will also occur such as fatigue, high blood pressure,anemia etc.

As for the treatment of CKD stage 4 with creatinine 4.5, you should firstly relieve the associated complications.This not only can make you live a better life,but also can slow the renal function decline. You should follow your doctor’s treatments and the prescribed medications. In addition, a balanced diet can play a vital role for the treatment of stage 4 CKD with high creatinine 4.5.

In stage 4 CKD,the kidneys are impaired significantly.To treat the condition effectively and stop it from into next stage, the primary treatment is to restore the impaired kidney structure and enhance renal function.However,there is no such an treatment in traditional western medicine. So your doctor told you that you had to wait until kidneys fail.

Here a Chinese treatment is recommended to you called Micro-Chinese Medicines Osmotherapy.This therapy is an external therapy based on traditional Chinese herbal medicine. It can stimulate the self-regeneration of impaired nephrons to enhance renal function. Thereby, ESRD will be avoided completely.

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