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How to Control IgA Nephropathy for Patients

2016-05-03 02:23

How to Control IgA Nephropathy for Patients IgA deposition is the key to causing inflammation and damage to kidney. How to control IgA nephropathy? If IgA deposition can be solved well, disease will get managed very effectively. Immunotherapy is a good option for IgA nephropathy, which can help remove IgA immune complex from body well with the below steps:

Accurate Diagnosis

A scientific diagnosis is necessary and a must for your doctor to treat your disease. There is no exception with kidney disease. If your kidney is caused by the disorder of immune system, then you need a different test from others. Here we have lots of specific tests for autoimmune kidney damage, it can help confirm the type, amount, deposition of different antibodies in your body.

Immune Blocking

Immunotherapy is designed to block the scattered damages, when there is deposit of immune complexes in your kidneys, it will cause autoimmune damages in kidney.

Immune Tolerance

Immune tolerance therapy seeks to reset the immune system so that the body stops mistakenly attacking its own organs or cells in autoimmune disease or accepts foreign tissue in organ transplantation.

Immune Adjustment

Neuromodulation and humoral regulation play a very important role in maintaining the stable internal environment. But they can't directly destroy the invading pathogens and also they can't directly remove the damaged and abnormal cells. The immune regulation aims to deal with the abnormal cells. However, it is achieved by the immune system.

Immune Clearance

the immune adjustment can only help control the attacking on the kidney for a while. At this time, immune clearance aims to avoid the relapse of autoimmune kidney damage, which combines various herbs and western medicine together.

Immune Protection

many patients experience the relapse of the disease. Immune protection use certain TCM remedy and supplements to help strengthen the immune system. It is designed to avoid the relapse of the immune system.

With Immunotherapy, IgA nephropathy will get controlled very effectively, and kidney failure can be avoided and patients can have a better and longer life. Any question or help, leave a message for u anytime.

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