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Is Renal Acupuncture Good Gor IgA Nephropathy

2015-04-11 05:43

Is Renal Acupuncture Good Gor IgA NephropathyIgA Nephropathy is an autoimmune disease with deposits of immunoglobulin A (IgA) in kidneys. We all know acupuncture is a famous traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) at home and abroad. Well, is renal acupuncture good for IgA Nephropathy?

Acupuncture indeed has some health benefits for IgA Nephropathy.

There are many acupoints on the body. Acupuncture describes a family of procedures involving the stimulation of points on the body using a variety of techniques. By stimulating the acupoints, IgA Nephropathy patients can get the following benefits:

Improve blood circulation so as to alleviate renal ischemia and anoxia state

Enhance endocrine balance to alleviate the production of antibodies and boost immune system

Remove blood stasis

Improve the function of weak organs

With the above curative effects, acupoints can slow down the renal function decline and reduce the incidence of associated complications of IgA Nephropathy effectively. However, acupuncture alone is not enough to manage IgA Nephropathy radically. It should combine with other Chinese medicine treatment to help IgA Nephropathy.

Other Chinese medicine treatments are recommended for IgA Nephropathy.

To treat IgA Nephropathy, we need to stop inflammation in the kidneys, remove the immune complexes and repair damaged mesangial cells. Acupuncture is just one therapy of systematic treatment. It should be used together with other Chinese medicine treatments such as Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, immunotherapy, circle therapy, medicated bath, full bath, enema therapy and steam therapy. These therapies can increase blood flow to kidneys to remove immune complexes from the kidneys so as to prevent inflammation. Besides, they can also draw out toxins from body to reduce further damages to kidneys.

After a period of treatment, you will feel better and your symptoms associated with IgA Nephropathy will disappear gradually.

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