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Is Obligatory For IgA Nephropathy Patients To Take Dialysis

2014-09-27 06:57

Is Obligatory For IgA Nephropathy Patients To Take DialysisIgA Nephropathy is a common disease and many patients are seeking right treatment for it. Is it obligatory for patients to take dialysis? This question is bothering patients all the time. On the way to treatment, patients must keep a good attitude for preventing illness aggravation. The following will tell you whether dialysis is obligatory for IgA Nephropathy patients.

Is dialysis obligatory?

There is no exact answer to this question. Dialysis is just one of therapies for IgA Nephropathy. Although dialysis can control medical conditions to some extent, it is not the best option for IgA Nephropathy patients. This is because dialysis is more likely to cause many side effects like low blood pressure, weight loss, nausea, vomiting, itchy skin and so on. These side effects may threaten their life if not controlled well. And many people reject taking dialysis and look for alternative treatment.

Whether dialysis is required also depends on individual’s medical conditions. IgA Nephropathy should start from the root cause. Proper therapies combine with dialysis can treat IgA Nephropathy effectively.

Is there an alternative therapy for IgA Nephropathy?

Our hospital treats kidney disease with Chinese medicines. However, our Chinese medicine treatment is different from ordinary hospitals’. In our hospital, Chinese medicine therapy is on the protection of western medicine treatment. Not only Chinese medicine treatment but also western medicine treatment is powerful. Therefore, our characteristic is western medicine protect and Chinese medicine treatment. The Chinese medicine can remove IgA immune complex from the body. In addition, the active ingredients have the function of dilating blood vessels, preventing inflammation and coagulation, degrading extracellular matrix and providing nutritious substances and elements for damaged kidneys. In this way, kidney damage can be repaired and kidney function can be enhanced gradually.

As long as kidney function is improved and it can work by its own, dialysis may not be required.

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