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Why Does IgA Nephropathy Relapse With Western Medicines

2014-06-23 06:37

Why Does IgA Nephropathy Relapse With Western MedicinesA patient with IgA Nephropathy consulted our online experts and said that when he took medicines, his blood pressure and creatinine level can get controlled. However, once he stopped taking the medicines or reduced the dosage, his conditions will get worse. What is the matter?

What is the pathogenesis of kidney disease?

The nature of kidney disease is injured kidney intrinsic cells and it is a factor of incurable kidney disease. In your kidney, it exists three kinds of renal cells. One part is healthy one and they are maintaining the residual kidney function. The second part is died and in this condition nobody can help it in the world. The third part is damaged one. In this case, what we need to do is to repair the damaged one and meanwhile to prevent the healthy one from further progressing.

To treat kidney disease, the key point is to repair the damaged renal cells. The western medicines only can treat the symptoms , such as high blood pressure medicines, and medicines for vomiting. It is kidney damage that causes high blood pressure and vomiting so we need to repair damaged kidneys and at the same time control the symptoms. That is the reason why there is no effective method in western medicines for kidney disease patients. Only let it aggravate and then suggest patients to have dialysis or transplant.

Here our therapies contain osmotherapy, medical bath, feet bath, oral herb, acupuncture, moxibustion, enema and acupuncture, etc. Western medicines are also used to get the best effects.

Uncle Mario, a patient in our hospital is satisfactory with our treatment. Every time when he does osmotherapy, he will fall asleep and this therapy makes him very comfortable.

Our therapies can avoid relapse of IgA Nephropathy since they help repair injured kidney intrinsic cells and improve kidney function. Only treating kidney disease from the root can control IgA Nephropathy radically.

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