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Comprehensive Therapy for Kidney Failure Caused by IgA Nephropathy

2014-06-05 09:13

Comprehensive Therapy for Kidney Failure Caused by IgA NephropathyFor patients with IgA Nephropathy, if not controlled well, kidney failure can be resulted in at last. In this case, condition is very serious, and if end stage kidney failure is caused, dialysis or kidney transplant is needed to replace kidney, removing wastes and toxins from body. How to treat kidney failure caused by IgA Nephropathy? Here we will give a scientific answer.

Immunotherapy which is a kind of Chinese medicines can help treat IgA Nephropathy very effectively. Patients with kidney failure in IgA Nephropathy are worthy to have a try. And please see process of immunotherapy:

1. Immunologic diagnosis.

Patients will get diagnosed with a full and advanced system, so that the harmful substances can be found accurately.

2. Immune block therapy.

In this stage, kinds of immunosuppressive medicines are used to prevent aggressive inflammatory responses in kidneys.

3. Immune tolerance therapy.

At this stage, with many methods, doctors aim at making tissues in kidney coexist with immune complex in body.

4. Immunomodulatory therapy.

Blood circulation is promoted to remove blood stasis. In this way, immune complex can be eliminated and inherent immune system in body can be restored.

5. Immune protection therapy.

Patients with IgA Nephropathy will reconstruct inherent immune system in body with the treatment of cell therapy and Yiqiyangsheng, a kind of Chinese medicines treatment, which can regulate systems of body and provide nutrients for patients with IgA Nephropathy.

6. Immune clearance therapy.

At this stage, blood purification technology focus on specific immune complex and other toxic immune elements in blood to eliminate toxins and harmful substances from body.

Thus, patients with IgA Nephropathy can be treated very well and kidney failure can be alleviated, preventing end stage kidney failure. Besides, they should pay attention to diet in daily life and take some regular exercise regularly.

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