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How To Strengthen Kidney Function In IgA Nephropathy With Immunotherapy

2014-03-28 10:33

How To Strengthen Kidney Function In IgA Nephropathy With ImmunotherapyIgA Nephropathy is an autoimmune kidney damage and gradually lead to kidney function decline. Once kidney function declines, many symptoms will occur like proteinuria, hematuria and high blood pressure and so on. In many countries, the doctors prescribe some medications to alleviate symptoms. It does have benefits for patients’ medical condition. However, once they reduce the dosage or stop taking medications, symptoms will relapse as the kidney function is still not improved. In this light, kidney function strength is vital for IgA Nephropathy patients. In our hospital located in China, our experts carry out an effective treatment-Immunotherapy through years of experiments to strengthen kidney function in IgA Nephropathy. And in this article we will tell you how does immunotherapy improve kidney function and save patients from the gate of death.

A detailed introduction for immunotherapy to strengthen kidney function.

Different conventional treatment, immunotherapy combines western medicines and Chinese medicines. In immunotherapy, various western medicines are used to control the relative symptoms including hematuria, proteinuria and high blood pressure. We know western medicines show quick efficacy but fail to treat the disease from the root. In this case, with symptoms under control, Chinese medicines are applied to adjust patients’ immune system, improve immunity and remove IgA immune complex in mesangial area. This is because Chinese medicines have the function of dilating blood vessels, blocking inflammation, preventing coagulation and degrading extracellular matrix. With the help of Chinese medicines, not only patients’ immune system can be normalized, but also immunity can be strengthened. What’s more, Chinese medicines are able to protect residual kidney function and stop further kidney damage. Through inflammation blockage, IgA complexes clearance, protection of residual kidney function, kidney function can be strengthened and relative symptoms will be alleviated greatly.

Not only home patients but also foreigners come to our hospital to try this natural and most effective remedy of IgA Nephropathy. After a period of treatment, their medical conditions have been improved and kidney function is elevated to some extent. Apart from the good curative effect, our service is also first-rate. If you want to avoid tolerable dialysis, you should strengthen your kidney function naturally.

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