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Natural Treatment for Berger's Disease (IgA Nephropathy)

2014-02-21 11:13

Berger's disease is also called IgA nephropathy. It is an autoimmune disorder with deposits of immunoglobulin A in mesangial area. This article will introduce a natural treatment for Berger's disease.

How is the effect of routine treatment for Berger's disease?

In Berger's disease, the immune system fails to function properly and attacks kidneys by mistakes. The abnormal activity of immune system will cause production of extra IgA and other antibodies in blood. With blood circulation, these antibodies will flow into mesangial area and deposit there. To eliminate them from body, an inflammation will be initiated by body. The inflammation can impair kidneys, resulting in progressive loss of renal function.

The routine treatment for Berger’s disease mainly includes immunosuppressive drugs and hormone. These drugs can help suppress inflammation in kidneys and improve the permeability of small blood vessels. Those treatments can reduce protein leakage and slow down renal function decline temporarily. However, the disease relapses frequently. What’s worse, long-term use of the drugs can cause many adverse effects. Therefore, the patients are eager to find a natural treatment for Berger’s disease.

Natural treatment for Berger's disease

Micro-Chinese Medicines Osmotherapy is a natural remedy for Berger’s disease. This therapy has been applied to treat kidney diseases for decades and has showed enormous therapeutic effects in clinic.

Micro-Chinese Medicines Osmotherapy is an externally applied therapy, in which Chinese herbal medicines are superfinely shattered. The medicines can be penetrated into kidney lesion directly through skin and channels in kidney area. The effective medicines can activate the self-renewing of impaired kidney tissues and cells. If the impaired kidney structure can be reversed, Berger’s disease will be controlled fundamentally.

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