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Treatment for IgA Nephropathy with High Blood Pressure

2014-02-13 11:52

IgA nephropathy is a progressive kidney disorder. As renal function declines, a host of symptoms will result. High blood pressure is a common symptom of IgA nephropathy. What is the treatment for IgA nephropathy with high blood pressure?

IgA nephropathy with high blood pressure

IgA Nephropathy is an autoimmune kidney disorder, in which the immune system attacks kidneys by mistakes. The abnormal activity of immune system can cause inflammation in kidneys. If the inflammation can not be controlled, it may impair kidney structure, resulting in progressive loss of renal function.

In right condition, the kidneys can filter out extra water and waste products from body and meanwhile preserve the useful substances in blood. However, if the diseased kidneys fail to remove fluid from body, high blood pressure will result in IgA nephropathy.

Besides filtering toxins and extra water from body, kidneys still have many other functions. Regulating blood pressure is a vital function of kidneys. Healthy kidneys can release a hormone called renin, which can help regulate blood pressure. When kidneys become inflamed and scarred, blood pressure will raise due to increased production of renin.

High blood pressure can cause great pressure against the small blood vessels in kidneys, thus accelerating renal function decline significantly. Therefore, it is critical for IgA nephropathy people with high blood pressure to seek for an effective treatment.

Treatment for IgA nephropathy with high blood pressure

High blood pressure is just a sign of kidney damage in IgA nephropathy. Therefore, treatment which can manage kidney disease should be a better choice for the patients. The following two treatments will involve the treatment process.

Chinese herbal medicine

Chinese herbal medicines can dilate blood vessels and increase the removal of waste products from body. More importantly, Chinese herbal medicines can help repair the impaired kidney tissues to improve renal function. If the kidneys can function better, high blood pressure will return to normal.


Immunotherapy can help the body rebuild a new immune system. Hence, it can control the underlying cause of IgA nephropathy fundamentally. It plays the key role in preventing more damage to kidneys and the relapse of IgA nephropathy.

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