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Natural Remedy for Berger's Disease in Children

2013-10-24 11:44

Berger's disease is also called IgA Nephropathy. It can occur in both children and adults.The following article will introduce a natural treatment for Berger's disease in children.

Berger's disease in children

Berger's disease is featured with deposits of immunoglobulin A (IgA) in glomeruli.Antibodies are normally produced by immune system when foreign harmful substances invade into body. However,in Berger’s disease,excessive IgA is produced and deposits in glomeruli.To eliminate the unwanted deposits,the kidneys will attract and release inflammatory factors,thus resulting in inflammatory response in kidneys.If the inflammation is not controlled,it will cause progressive renal function decline.Eventually,Kidney Failure will be the final result.

Natural treatment for Berger's disease in children

The treatment goal of the conventional treatment for Berger’s disease includes controlling the symptoms and slowing down the disease progression.

Immunosuppressive drugs can control the condition by suppressing the inflammatory response in kidneys.Medications are also used to treat high blood pressure,hyperlipedemia, swelling and other conditions in Berger’s disease.

The conventional treatments can slow down the progression of Berger’s disease and relieve the associated symptoms. However, long-term use of immunosuppressive drugs can cause a host of side effects.

Micro-Chinese Medicines Osmotherapy is recommended to treat Berger’s disease in children.It is a plant-based therapy in which different types of herbs are applied based on the patients’ illness condition.It works in the following ways to treat Berger’s disease in children.

Suppress the inflammatory response in kidneys

Chinese medicines have anti-inflammation feature and can suppress the inflammatory response in kidneys effectively. In this way, no more immune damage to kidneys will occur.

Eliminate immune deposits from kidneys

Micro-Chinese medicines can degrade the immune deposits in kidneys and make them dissolve in blood. Finally, the degraded immune complexes will be filtered out of body by kidneys.

Enhance renal function

Micro-Chinese Medicines Osmotherapy can stimulate the self-regeneration of impaired kidney tissues. If the kidneys can be regenerated, the renal function will be enhanced.

Micro-Chinese Medicines Osmotherapy can treat Berger’s disease in children naturally without adverse effects on body. If so, kidney failure will be prevented completely.

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