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How to Lower High BUN in IgA Nephropathy

2013-09-16 15:04

IgA nephropathy is an immune-medicated kidney disorder with immunoglobulin A (IgA) in kidneys.BUN level along with creatinine level is an important index in reflecting how well your kidneys are functioning. High BUN is associated with reduced renal function. How to lower high BUN in IgA nephropathy?

High BUN in IgA nephropathy

The BUN test measures the amount of nitrogen in your blood that comes from the waste product urea.Urea is made when protein is broken down in your body.Urea is made in the liver and passed out of your body in the urine. In IgA nephropathy, if the kidneys fail to work properly, they become unable to remove urea from the blood normally, thus resulting in high BUN levels.

How to lower high BUN in IgA nephropathy?

As urea is the byproduct of proteins,you should eat a low-protein diet if your kidneys are unable to filter protein properly.Common high-protein foods include meat,poultry products, fish, dairy products. You can consult with a dietitian or us to get the recommended daily protein intake.

If the patients with IgA nephropathy are taking diuretic medicines for swelling,excess fluid loss may cause dehydration. Severe dehydration can also elevate BUN level relatively.In this case,you are recommended to drink more fluid to reverse the dehydration.

In IgA nephropathy,the underlying cause of high BUN is reduced excretory ability of kidneys.Therefore,to lower high BUN leve completely and fundamentally,you should have treatment to treat the kidney as a whole.If the kidneys can work more efficiently to filter blood,the BUN level will certainly be lowered.Immunotherapy is an effective treatment for IgA nephropathy and it can treat the disease from its underlying causes and improve renal function by restoring the impaired kidney structure. In this way, more nitrogen will be filtered out of body. Thereby, high BUN level will be controlled completely and fundamentally.

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