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The Effective Treatment for IgA Nephropathy

2017-02-11 02:21

The Latest Treatment for IgA NephropathyIn many parts of the whole world, IgA Nephropathy is always the most common glomerular disease that affects many people’s overall health. To help treat these patients, kidney experts never give up exploring effective therapies. Fortunately, a new treatment for IgA Nephropathy is made in this year and quite a number of patients have get great curative effect from it.

The reason why this treatment has so great effect is that it based on the root cause of IgA Nephropathy.

We all know kidneys’ intrinsic cells determine how kidneys work. According to different functions, these cells are divided into five types: glomerular capillary endothelial cell, glomerular epithelial cell, glomerular mesangial cell, kidney tubular epithelial cell and interstitial fibroblast. When the blood flows through kidney, these cells can not only get enough nutrition including blood and oxygen but also help purify blood and play some other functions such as keep electrolyte balance and secrete hormone.

However, when the blood is contaminated by harmful substances and flows through the body, the immune system may be damaged easily. As a result, many immune complexes and toxins will build up in the kidneys that leads to IgA Nephropathy easily. From this analysis, we can know the contaminated blood is the root cause of kidney intrinsic cell damage and IgA Nephropathy.

The effective  treatment for IgA Nephropathy

Based on the cause of IgA Nephropathy, cleansing blood is necessary to provide a clear internal environment for the following treatment. Once the clotting mechanism, haematogenous mechanism, compensatory mechanism, etc, are all corrected, more clean blood will be transported into kidneys and then damaged kidney cells can get enough nutrition. With some certain self-curative ability, more and more impaired kidney cells get recovery. This new treatment just can help exchange the harmful substances in the blood and supply blood effective elements. With purified blood and correct immune system, patients’ condition can be improved largely.

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