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Three Steps To Treat Hematuria In IgA Nephropathy

2014-11-16 02:14

Three Steps To Treat Hematuria In IgA NephropathyGenerally speaking, it is very important for IgA Nephropathy patients to treat the disease correctly and timely. Since most people have no enough knowledge on IgA Nephropathy, they are more likely to miss the perfect time to treat the disease. Hematuria is an obvious sign of IgA Nephropathy symptom, so the treatment for blood in urine is the key point for IgA Nephropathy treatment. Here the experts will introduce you how to deal with hematuria.

1. Promote blood circulation to remove meridian obstruction and improve renal blood supply

This step helps eliminate renal ischemia and renal hypoxia state so as to achieve the purpose of improving renal anemia. Besides, it can increase effective perfusion of glomerular and reduce the internal pressure of glomerular. Meanwhile, it decreases the high filtration state of glomerular and delay the progress of glomerular sclerosis. When the surrounding vessels are expanded, effective circulation of the blood volume in the whole body will be increased and toxic symptoms will be alleviated. Therefore, patients will have a good appetite. Nausea and vomiting will disappear gradually.

2. Remove the lesions

Chinese herbs will be applied to decompose, split, smash and eliminate the lesion. This clears the way of restoration. In addition, it is also able to improve the permeability, increase filtering rate, remove toxins and wastes from your body. As a result, creatinine will be lower and urine becomes cloudy.

3. Rebuild up

This step is to repair the residual kidney lesions. The active ingredients in Chinese medicines can activate the restoration of damaged kidney structure and restructure and rebuild up new renal lesions. It takes a relatively longer time. Then renal function can be improved gradually, serum creatinine and urine nitrogen will decrease naturally. More importantly, uremia will be relieved from the root.

The condition of kidneys will affect people’s life quality and also affect patients’ health condition greatly. Therefore, once you suffer IgA Nephropathy, you should take it seriously and take treatment timely so as to get rid of the disease earlier.

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