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What Is Treatment For 3g Proteinuria In IgA Nephropathy

2014-04-14 07:52

What Is Treatment For 3g Proteinuria In IgA NephropathyThe degree of proteinuria is one of the strongest predictors of outcome in IgA Nephropathy. The risk for renal failure increase with higher proteinuria. Early treatment with Immunotherapy in patients with proliferative IgA Nephropathy has been shown to be effective in reducing proteinuria and delay the development of renal failure.

How does IgA Nephropathy occur?

IgA Nephropathy is an autoimmune disease and that is to say your immune system is not strong enough to prevent those foreign invaders, such as massive bacteria, virus. When those antigen enter into your body and your body will produce many antibodies to fight with antigen. And during this course, massive immune complexes could be produced and enter into blood circulation. When the blood flows through kidneys, the immune complexes will deposit in mesangial area and cause the damage of renal damage. From this aspect, we can see removing immune complexes and strengthening immunity becomes urgent for IgA Nephropathy patients.

Immunotherapy for IgA Nephropathy treatment

Immunotherapy is a characteristic therapy in our specialized kidney disease. It has six steps, including immune diagnosis, immune tolerance, immune blocking, immune clearance, immune adjustment, immune protection. Each step has its own effect. The following will analyze the step in detailed way.

1. Scientific diagnosis

This step aims to test out which part of kidney is damaged by advanced techniques and analysis.

2. Immune blocking

Immune blocking solves the problem of repeated recurrences of kidney diseases.

3. Immune clearance

Advanced blood purification techniques are applied to clear up circulating immune abnormalities and other wastes in bloodstream, allowing purification of the inner environment. The blood purification techniques include blood plasma exchange, blood polluted therapy and other blood purification techniques.

4. Immune regulation

It is the immune dysfunction that has caused production of immune complexes and damage of the kidneys. The above treatments with western medicines and blood purification techniques are used to control progression of kidney disease. In immune regulation, traditional Chinese medicines are applied to adjust immune system, increase immunity, repair impaired kidneys and improve kidney function.

5. Immune protection

During immune regulation, patients also need to pay attention to daily nursing care and do regular exercise to protect them from infection. Besides, regular check-ups are still needed to test out immune status, immune response extent and amount of immune complexes. Patients keep on treatment and daily nursing care and there are a great chance of rebuilding up immune system and avoiding kidney failure.

With immunotherapy, damaged kidneys can be repaired by a large margin. In this way, protein 3grams can be reduced correspondently.

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