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Medicine for High Blood Pressure in IgA Nephropathy

2014-03-08 14:01

Medicine for High Blood Pressure in IgA NephropathyWhat medicines can treat high blood pressure in IgA nephropathy? High blood pressure is a mostly common complication of IgA nephropathy. High blood pressure has bad effects on kidney function. Because high blood pressure can suppress and squeeze blood vessels in kidneys, filtration of kidneys is impaired, leading that wastes and fluids build up in the blood. What should we treat high blood pressure in IgA nephropathy?

With regard to patients with IgA nephropathy, taking medicines is the most common and safest treatment for high blood pressure. Here we will list some common medicines for high blood pressure in IgA nephropathy for your reference.

On the whole, there are two kinds of medicines for high blood pressure in IgA nephropathy, which is Western medicines and Chinese medicines.

1. Western medicines.

- Angiotensin-Converting Enzyme inhibitors. These medicines can help make blood vessels wide and alleviate high blood pressure by preventing a kind of enzyme which is necessary for causing high blood pressure. After patients with IgA nephropathy take these medicines, blood can flow in the blood vessels smoothly, which make blood pressure low.

- Angiotensin Receptor Blockers. In a similar way, angiotensin receptor blockers can make a kind of hormone that leads to high blood pressure stop working. Thus, level of blood pressure can be low. Besides, these medicines can promote sodium and water to release in urine, making blood pressure low.

2. Chinese medicines.

Chinese medicines, especially Chinese herbal medicines, have very good effects on high blood pressure in IgA nephropathy. And few side effects can be caused by Chinese medicines. Chinese medicines are able to make blood vessels relax and decline level of cholesterol, which can achieve th goal of lowering blood pressure. Besides, Chinese medicines are very helpful to kidney damage and kidney function. Consequently, IgA nephropathy can be alleviated, which also lowers blood pressure.

Western medicines can achieve the result quickly and are convenient for patients to take, but it focuses on treating symptoms, for example, preventing substances which contribute to high blood pressure from forming. So when patients with IgA nephropathy stop taking medicines, high blood pressure will reoccur. Compared with Western medicines, Chinese medicines treat high blood pressure in IgA nephropathy fundamentally and do good to kidney function. However, it needs to take more time to achieve the result than Western medicines.

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