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Joint Pain in IgA Nephropathy

2014-01-06 11:55

IgA nephropathy is an autoimmune disorder with deposits of immunoglobulin A in mesangial area.As renal function declines, the patients may experience joint pain.

Joint pain in IgA Nephropathy

Joint pain is a very annoying complaint for people with IgA nephropathy.In serious case,it even can affect the patients’ flexibility.In IgA nephropathy,joint pain is mainly due to renal osteopathy.

In right condition,the kidneys can help to produce calcitriol from vitamin D.Calcitriol helps stimulate the absorption of calcium and phosphorus in blood and bones.However,in IgA nephropathy, the kidney tissues become inflamed and scarred. Diseased kidneys fail to perform the function, thus leading to bone disease and joint pain.

Another cause of joint pain in IgA nephropathy is high levels of uric acid in body.Uric acid is the byproduct of purine and is normally eliminated from body by kidneys.However,when kidneys fail to function properly, high levels of uric acid will build up in body.Over time,the uric acid will form crystals.If the crystals deposit in joints, it will cause inflammation in the joints, thus resulting in joint pain.

In addition,there are some causes of joint pain in IgA nephropathy which may not be related to kidney problem.

Treatment for joint pain in IgA nephropathy

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As there is a number of possible causes of joint pain in IgA nephropathy,to control it,the first step is to figure out the specific cause.In addition,some general medications will be prescribed to control the conditions.

The underlying cause of joint pain in IgA nephropathy is renal function decline and kidney damage.To control joint pain fundamentally, treatments should be applied to restore the impaired glomeruli and enhance renal function. Micro-Chinese Medicines Osmotherapy can treat IgA nephropathy effectively and improve renal function remarkably.

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