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How To Avoid Being Attacked By IgA Nephroapthy

2015-01-14 07:43

How To Avoid Being Attacked By IgA NephroapthyAfter taking ill, people will complain about their misfortunes. Do you know that maybe your bad habits lead to the occurrence of illness. As for the treatment of kidney disease, there is a lot of difficulties. For instance, many people want to know how to treat IgA Nephropathy and prevent its occurrence.

Let’s see what the experts say:

1. prevent catching cold

Kidney disease is usually aggravated by upper respiratory infection and tonsillitis, so people should prevent colds. If you have a poor physical health and are likely to catch cold, you can take exercise moderately to develop a great resistance and prevent upper respiratory infection.

2. prevent kidney dysfunction

There are many factors affecting the prognosis of IgA Nephropathy. If a person experiences persistent hematuria, massive proteinuria and serious high blood pressure, he or she should pay high attention to it and take proper treatment so as to prevent IgA Nephropathy from developing into kidney failure.

3. combine work and play

Tiredness and strenuous exercise can worsen blood in urine, so patients should have a good living habit and pay attention to bed rest, take proper exercise, avoid staying up late and strenuous sports.

4. self mental care

IgA Nephropathy patients usually suffer from hematuria so they are prone to mental stress, depression and pessimism. Therefore, in daily life, words and deeds, bewilderment and shouting all can worsen patients’ uneasiness and fears. In such a circumstance, self mental care seems very important. Patients keep a good mood that is beneficial for the recovery of illness.

5. prevent inflammatory disease

IgA Nephropathy patients should eliminate inflammatory factors like upper respiratory infection, skin infection, gastrointestinal infection and urinary tract infection. If recurrent amygdalitis triggers hematuria, surgery can be taken to cut amygdala.

The above is good for the prognosis of IgA Nephropathy. However, if you want to prevent IgA Nephropathy attacks, the key point should start from regulating immunity to rectify mucosal immunity deficiency and return to immune balance. Only Chinese medicine treatment can achieve this goal. If you have any doubt, hope you can tell the expert your condition and discuss with the expert.

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