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Nursing Tips For IgA Nephropathy On Children

2014-08-13 02:50

Nursing Tips For IgA Nephropathy On ChildrenThe rate of incidence of IgA Nephropathy is higher among children and this disease is difficult to be cured. So daily nursing care is very relevant. A majority of parents are consulting nursing knowledge for their children. Good nursing is beneficial to control the development of illness condition. Therefore, parents must learn the knowledge.

1. Do not too tired

Diseased children should not too tired. They should be thrifty with their time to have a good rest. Moderate exercise is also beneficial. Always remember not to have strenuous exercise.

2. Be away from various infection

Since IgA Nephropathy is more likely to result in occult blood under the condition of infection. Room of diseased children should be clean and air should be fresh. Do not stay in the same room with those who get infected. Do not go to public places where there are a lot of people.

3. Keep good mood

Maintain good mood and do not have too much mental stress. Much pressure will lead to accumulation of acidoid, which affects the normal function of metabolism. Good mood and pressure relieve can maintain alkalescence substances so as to prevent the occurrence of kidney disease.

4. Consume light and easy to digest food

Children eat more vegetables and drink moderate water. Get rid of seafood and spicy foods.

5. Follow the doctor’s advice

If children are taking hormone therapy, they must reduce the dosage and times of taking hormone therapy. Because there are many side effects of hormone therapy. Therefore, when choosing treatment plan, parents should be cautious.

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