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Can Women with IgA Nephropathy Have A Baby

2014-03-09 09:33

Can Women with IgA Nephropathy Have A BabyMany women with IgA nephropathy want to know if they can be pregnant to have a baby. They are worried that IgA nephropathy may affect babies’health or IgA nephropathy can be inherited. In view of this question, we have studied and done large amounts of research. The following is for your reference.

IgA nephropathy doesn’t belong to inherited diseases. This is the first thing that women with IgA nephropathy should be aware of. So if they give birth to a baby, IgA nephropathy can’t be inherited. However, it doesn’t mean that all the women with IgA nephropathy can have a baby. Whether to have a baby depends on specific patients’conditions.

In what condition can women with IgA nephropathy give birth?

Firstly, IgA nephropathy must be controlled and in stable condition.

Then, if all kinds of urine examinations show negative indicators, women with IgA nephropathy can be pregnant two-three years later.

What is more, during pregnant time, women with IgA nephropathy must comply with doctors’advice and instructions.

Besides, in the period of pregnance, women with IgA nephropathy should pay attention to usage of medicines, because medicines containing hormones can lead to fetal abnormalities.

In what condition should women with IgA nephropathy not have a baby?

1. High blood pressure is very serious and can’t be under control.

2. Glomerular filtration rate (GFR) is less than 70ml/min.

3. Lesions of kidney artery and kidney interstitial occur on women with IgA nephropathy.

4. IgA nephropathy has caused kidney failure and kidney function decreases moderately.

5. Lupus Nephritis occurs. Because Lupus Nephritis can develop into very serious stage if women with IgA nephropathy is pregnant.

In the above situations, if women with IgA nephropathy is pregnant, kidney function will be impaired severely and their lives may be on the verge of danger. Consequently, if women with IgA nephropathy are not in a condition of having a baby, they shouldn’t give birth to a child. They should try their best to get effective treatment, making their conditions alleviated and stable. Only in this way, can they have chances of being pregnant to have a child.

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