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Treatment And Prognosis of Berger's Disease

2013-11-05 14:41

Berger's disease is also called IgA nephropathy.It is a kind of glomerulonephritis with Immunoglobulin A (IgA) in mesangial area.The following article will introduce the treatment and prognosis of Berger's disease.

Treatment of Berger's disease

In right condition,when outside harmful substances invade into body,immune system will be activated to make antibodies to defeat the harmful substances.Immunoglobulin A (IgA) is a kind of antibodies.However,in some conditions,the immune system fails to work normally and produce excess IgA.The IgA in bloodstream can not be filtered out of body adequately.When blood flows through kidneys,IgA will deposit in mesangial area.

To eliminate IgA deposits from kidneys,the kidneys will attract inflammatory factors to trigger an inflammation.As immune system does not work well,the inflammation will not cease after the deposits are removed.

Immunotherapy is an effective treatment for Berger’s disease. It can suppress the inflammatory response in kidneys and clear up the inflammatory factors in kidneys.If so,no more immune damage will form to kidneys.In addition,it can correct immune dysfunction and rebuild normal immune system.The immune system will return normal to protect the body instead of attacking kidney tissues and cells.

Prognosis of Berger's disease

The prognosis of Berger’s disease varies from individual to individual as it is affected by variables as follows:


As renal function deteriorates,a number of complications will occur.The complications can worsen the prognosis of Berger's disease significantly.Nephrotic Syndrome,proteinuria and high blood pressure are significant factors in accelerating renal function decline.


Treatment is a decisive factor in affecting the prognosis of Berger's disease.The conventional treatment only can control the symptoms, but can not control the condition effectively. Immunotherapy can treat Berger's disease from underlying causes so it is associated with a good prognosis of Berger’s disease.

Additionally, the diet, lifestyles etc are also factors in affecting the prognosis of Berger’s disease. You can email to kidneycares@hotmail.com  to get know how to manage your daily life.

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