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Proper List Of Food For IgA Nephropathy

2015-06-06 03:07

Proper List Of Food For IgA NephropathyHealthy diet plays a positive role in the treatment of IgA Nephropathy. Experts point out that patients with IgA Nephropathy should pay special attention to their diet. Well, what is a proper list of food for IgA Nephropathy patients?

A general food diet for IgA Nephropathy is as below:

1. Low salt

If IgA Nephropathy patients have mild edema, they should take low sodium foods. If they have no swelling, there is no need to restrain the intake of water and protein. Microscopic blood urine patients should shrink more water and take more foods like apples, white sugar, black semen and agaric.

2. Supplement enough vitamin, especially vitamin C

Because patients with long-term of IgA Nephropathy tend to suffer from anemia, vitamin C supplement can increase iron absorption. Therefore, patients should eat tomato, green vegetables, fresh jujube, watermelon, cucumber, kiwi fruit and natural juice, etc. If patients have poor appetite, they can take vitamin C preparation and meanwhile supplement some vitamin B and rich folic acid foods like animal giblets and green vegetables. This helps rectify anemia.

3. Potassium intake

If IgA Nephropathy patients have high potassium level in blood, they should avoid eating foods with high potassium. When choosing vegetables and fruits, they should be cautious.

4. Protein intake

IgA Nephropathy patients should eat some high quality protein foods like lean meat, egg white, milk and chicken which is easy to be absorbed and does not put a strain on kidneys.

If you are an IgA Nephropathy patient, we are here to help you. If you have any question, you can email us to kidneycares@hotmail.com or consult our online doctor directly.

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