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Is Celery Good For IgA Nephropathy Patients

2014-07-10 09:06

Is Celery Good For IgA Nephropathy PatientsIs celery good for IgA Nephropathy patients? Celery contains many nutrients and have many health benefits, so it can help IgA Nephropathy patients improve their healthy condition if eaten correctly. What can IgA Nephropathy patients benefit from it?

Celery contains abundant vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, Vitamin C and calcium as well as other minerals, etc. Besides, celery has medical value, like lowering high blood pressure, lower blood fat and preventing atherosclerosis. All of these determine celery can bring the following benefits for IgA Nephropathy patients.

1. Lower high blood pressure

Celery juice contains acidic components of lowering high blood pressure. This can slow down the progression of IgA Nephropathy to some extent.

2. Alleviate anemia

Celery is rich in iron which is able to alleviate anemia caused by insufficient erythropoietin. For fatigue and tiredness in IgA Nephropathy patients, it has great significance for easing them.

3. Ease edema

Celery has diuretic function so as to eliminate fluid/sodium retention and increase urine volume. Increased urine output can bring some fluid out of your body with urine. In this way, edema can be eased.

4. Celery is also able to lower high blood lipid and reduce the risk for cardiovascular diseases.

From the above, we can see IgA Nephropathy patients can benefit a lot of from celery. However, we can not say all IgA Nephropathy patients can eat it, because the illness condition is different from person to person. For example, celery is high in potassium, so patients with high potassium level are not allowed to eat celery.

To summarize, whether you can eat celery or not chiefly depend on your special conditions. If you really want to know whether celery is good for you, you can send your lab tests to kidneycares@hotmail.com,and we will analyze your conditions and then tell if it is suitable for you.

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