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What Causes Your IgA Nephropathy

2012-10-03 17:41

IgA Nephropathy CausesIgA Nephropathy is an auto-immune disease and it is a special type of glomerulonephritis. It is more common among children and young people and this disease brings many influences and impacts to their daily life and healthy growth. In order to have effective treatments, we need first know the causes.

1. The renal mesangial cells involve in the inflammatory response caused by IgA immune complexes. Due to the disorders in the immune system, the immune complexes of IgA can not be discharged out of the body and they will deposit in the mesangial areas and cause abnormal inflammations in the kidneys and the renal intrinsic cells and tissues will be damaged. What is more, if these IgA immune complexes can not be removed out of the kidneys, they will cause the renal intrinsic cells have phenotype transformation and start the process of renal fibrosis.

2. Infections. Infections such as upper respiratory infections, cold, tonsillitis and fever are the main inducements of the disease and these infections will cause repeated gross hematuria or occult blood. Therefore it is very important to have careful daily cares to reduce the chance of getting infections.

3. Hereditary factor. In the survey for IgA nephropathy, there will be familial aggregation in some patients and this indicates that the disease has something to do with heredity to some degree. Some patients may suffer from congenital dysfunctions of the renal tubules. The typical symptoms are hypertension, atherosclerosis, multiple myeloma and systemic lupus. If these symptoms can not be treated timely and effectively, they will lead to IgA nephropathy.

4. Disorders in the urinary system such as micturition disorders. If patients can not pass urine normally, then the excessive accumulation of urine in the body will cause much wastes and toxins and damage the kidneys and finally lead to IgA nephropathy and other kidney diseases.

Since we have been clear that the root cause of IgA nephropathy is the disorders in the immune system, they key point in the treatment for IgA nephropathy is to regulate the immune disorders and enhance the immunity so that the disease can be cured from the root.

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