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What Are Chinese Medicine Treatments For Hypertensive Nephropathy

2015-01-22 02:20

What Are Chinese Medicine Treatments For Hypertensive NephropathyWhat are Chinese medicine treatments for hypertensive nephropathy? Many patients deeply trust traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) since TCM is profound and effects a permanent cure. TCM can alleviate symptoms, regulate the body mechanism and balance the requirement of nutrition. Here we will introduce how Chinese medicine treatment helps hypertensive nephropathy patients.

Chinese medicine treatment has the following steps for hypertensive nephropathy:

1. symptomatic treatment

Chinese medicine can be effective on curing symptoms including lowering high blood pressure in early stage, reducing proteinuria, eliminating toxins and reducing dialysis in late stage. However, it can not cure kidney lesion caused by high blood pressure. Even though you found hypertensive nephropathy in early stage, Chinese medicine can only stable blood pressure but have no any help for kidney lesion. Kidney lesion will continue to progress and eventually patients will rely on dialysis and kidney transplant.

2. promote blood circulation to remove blood stasis

Kidney fibrosis and kidney shrinkage should be prevented through expanding peritubular capillary, and increase blood circulation in kidneys. The premise is to keep high blood pressure on control. Too high or too low blood pressure will both reduce effective blood flow perfusion in kidneys. Blood pressure should be controlled at 130/90mmHg.

3. medications

Medications for hypertensive nephropathy should include tonifying qi, enriching yin, nourishing blood, clearing away heat and toxic materials, clearing heat and promoting diuresis and clearing wind-damp. These medications play an important role in the treatment of kidney disease. But the course of treatment lasts longer and works slowly. What’s more, the disease is easy to relapse. If the disease repeats again and again and has no radical cure, patients will lose the confidence to the treatment. They will think kidney disease is incurable and this will worsen the disease and form a vicious circle.

Actually no matter what simple Chinese medicine or western medicine both has limitation on treating kidney disease, but this limitation can be solved. Shi Jiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital combines Chinese medicine and western medicine together to treat kidney disease. This therapy can increase whole body’s microcirculation to make drug action come to the kidneys directly. It can not only reduce proteinuria and occult blood, lower serum creatinine and urea nitrogen. What’s more important, injured but not dead kidney cells can get protected and repaired to prevent the occurrence of serious diseases effectively and slow down the progression of complications.

If you have any question or doubt, you can consult our online doctor or leave a message below. We are glad to provide you professional guidance according to your own conditions.

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