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What Is The Treatment For Hypertensive Nephropathy Without Hormone

2015-01-08 02:16

What Is The Treatment For Hypertensive Nephropathy Without HormoneIf high blood pressure does not get well control for a long time, it will cause damages on kidneys. This condition is called Hypertensive Nephropathy. The most common therapy in western medicine field, it is hormone therapy. However, hormone therapy has some side effects, so many people want to know if there is any treatment for hypertensive nephropathy without hormone. Please follow us to see the answer.

Hormone therapy can control the conditions quickly, but it can not treat the damaged kidney intrinsic cells from the root. Besides, side effects will occur. That is, long time use of hormone can cause local vasoconstriction, which can worsen high blood pressure. Recurrent high blood pressure will speed up its progression into kidney failure. What’s more, other symptoms like protein in urine, edema and hematuria can all be worsened. This vicious circle will make kidney failure occur.

This is the reason why more and more hypertensive nephropathy patients are unwilling to accept hormone therapy. Well, what is the treatment for hypertensive nephropathy without hormone therapy?

Without hormone therapy, the most effective remedy for hypertensive nephropathy is traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), which can not only alleviate relative symptoms but also repair injured but not dead kidney intrinsic cells. In Shi Jiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital, the therapy through the traditional Chinese medicine as the centerpiece and that of the western medicine as the supplementary can treat hypertensive nephropathy from the root, suit the remedy to the case, help the hypertensive nephropathy patients regain their health. With this systematic remedy, people can avoid hormone therapy.

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