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Natural Remedy for Chronic Renal Insufficiency in Hypertension

2013-11-10 15:00

Natural Remedy for Chronic Renal Insufficiency in HypertensionChronic renal insufficiency is a progressive kidney disorder in which the kidneys fail to function adequately.Hypertension is the second number cause of chronic renal insufficiency after Diabetes.What is the natural remedy for chronic renal insufficiency in hypertension?

Chronic renal insufficiency in hypertension

Chronic renal insufficiency is caused by years of hypertension. The tiny blood vessels in kidneys act as filters and can filter out waste products and excess fluid from body.However,if blood pressure keeps high over time,it can injure the blood vessels in kidneys leading to damage to kidneys.When kidneys fail to function normally,a host of symptoms and discomforts will occur.

Natural remedy for chronic renal insufficiency in hypertension

Natural remedy means that the treatment does not contain chemical drugs and has no adverse effects on body.

A balanced diet is an important part of natural remedy for chronic renal insufficiency.The general dietary principles should be low in protein,salt,phosphorus,and potassium.

Some kinds of herbal medicines are suggested to the patients with chronic renal insufficiency in hypertension.Cordyceps sinensis,plantain herb,Rheum officinale and so on are commonly used herbal medicines for kidney disease.However,the oral herbal medicines have many adverse effects on body.

To overcome the adverse effects of herbal medicines, Micro-Chinese Medicines Osmotherapy is created.The Osmotherapy is an externally applied therapy based on traditional Chinese herbal medicines, in which the micro-Chinese medicines can be penetrated into kidney lesion through skin in kidney area directly.

The effective medicines can stimulate the self-regeneration and self-healing of impaired kidney tissues.When kidney structure can be repaired,renal function will be improved remarkably.

Micro-Chinese Medicines Osmotherapy can treat chronic renal insufficiency in hypertension from its underlying causes. Thereby, the kidney damage will be reversed.

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