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How to Stop Frequent Urination with Hypertensive Kidney Disease

2014-11-15 03:51

How to Stop Frequent Urination with Hypertensive Kidney DiseaseFrequent urination is the most common complain of hypertensive kidney disease which is clinically called Hypertensive Nephropathy. This symptom not only affects patients’ daily work, but also affects their sleep quality, so tight control of this symptom helps to increase life quality greatly. Well, how we can stop frequent urination with hypertensive kidney disease?

Urine actually refers to fluid with harmful substances which are removed out of the body by kidney. Impairment of kidney function is usually marked by decline of urine output, but why do people with hypertensive kidney disease suffer from frequent urination?

Kidneys work as a filter in our body. While blood flow through kidney, a kidney tissue called glomerulus will filter blood through charge barrier and mechanical barrier. Filtered blood flow through the whole body and then go back to the circle. Meanwhile, excess fluid and substances that are filtered out of the blood will flow into renal tubule where most of them are reabsorbed back to the body. Only wastes and a small amount of fluid are removed out of the body as urine. For people with hypertensive kidney disease, they suffer from frequent urination because their renal tubules are damaged. Renal tubule play the role of reabsorbing back to most of the fluid and nutrients. When they are damaged due to years of high blood pressure, fluid can not be reabsorbed back to the body. Consequently, much more urine is produced and frequent urination is caused.

To stop frequent urination caused by hypertensive kidney disease, we need to repair injured renal tubules and help them to work again. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is a herbal treatment that can be applied to help repair injured renal tubules. It is a natural treatment, because all the herbs are used externally on Shen She acupoint. Because of this special usage, no side effects are caused during the whole treatment process.

Lastly, frequent urination is just one of the clinical manifestations of hypertensive kidney disease, so if we want to stop it, we must repair injured kidney tissues and increase kidney function. Only in this way, can all the symptoms be alleviated permanently and fundamentally.

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