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Is Water Good for Hypertensive Nephropathy Patients

2014-09-03 08:01

Is Water Good for Hypertensive Nephropathy PatientsNowadays many people know that drinking water is good for health. It can speed up metabolism and metabolize some of the bacteria in the human body. But for Hypertensive Nephropathy patients, they should pay attention to the water intake. Is water good for them? The answer is certain. Now let’s see the health benefits of drinking water for Hypertensive Nephropathy patients.

Water intake for Hypertensive Nephropathy patients

Under normal circumstance, water content in the body should account for about 80 % of the weight. In order to maintain the normal function of body, adult should drink about 2500-3000 ml water in a day. But Hypertensive Nephropathy patients may limit their water intake if they have edema. How much water intake depends on their remaining kidney function.

Health benefits of water intake for Hypertensive Nephropathy patients

There are four health benefits for Hypertensive Nephropathy patients.

-Some waste is passed out of the body with urine. Besides, some waste can be discharged with sweat. Drinking water helps urine output.

-Constipation is one of the causes of cardiovascular disease, while cardiovascular disease is the main cause of death for kidney patients. Drinking water helps bowel movement to prevent constipation.

-Drinking water can maintain adequate blood volume to prevent hemoconcentration and platelet aggregation. This can block blood clotting and set up a good blood circumstance.

-Drinking water can regulate the metabolism of sodium. With urine, excess sodium can be removed from body, which helps lower blood pressure.

Besides water, you should reduce the intake of sodium, because sodium can retain water in the body, leading to edema and high blood pressure. Different medical condition may need different diet plans. If you would an individualized diet plan or treatment plan, please contact online doctor or leave a message below. With the improvement of kidney function, there are few diet restrictions.

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