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Hypertensive Nephropathy Patients And Red Dates

2013-08-21 09:58

Hypertensive Nephropathy Patients And Red DatesRed dates contain protein, fat, sugar, organic acid, vitamin A,vitamin C and several types of trace calcium. Red dates are very beneficial to people with hypertensive nephropathy. What benefits do red dates bring to hypertensive nephropathy patients.

1. Lower high blood pressure

The ingredient of rutin in red dates is a kind of substance of softening blood vessels and lowering blood pressure. Besides, red dates can also extend blood vessels. In this case, blood vessels are widen and opened up, making it convenient for blood filtering through your blood vessels. Thus, eating red dates can have the effect of preventing high blood pressure and lowering high blood pressure for hypertensive nephropathy patients.

2. Improve your immune system

Red dates have large amount of sugar, especially glucose sugar, and also have fructose and sucrose, etc. In addition, red dates are rich in vitamin C, riboflavin, carotene and other vitamin, which has the function of nourishment and can improve your immune system. As long as your immune system is improved, the ability of fighting against disease will also be enhanced.

3. Boost health

Red dates have effective efficacy to weak people. Therefore, hypertensive nephropathy patients can eat 7 red dates every day and they can consume some nutrition from red dates so as to improve appetite and boost health.

Besides, red dates also have the function of anti-aging, anticancer and antiallergic and other efficacy.

However, if patient has diabetes, he or she should not eat red dates, and this is because red dates are rich in sugar. Consuming more sugar will increase the blood cholesterol level and worsen diabetes.

Although red dates have the above health benefits for hypertensive nephropathy patients, patients should eat too many red dates. Eating too many red dates will be more likely gas you up. Therefore, hypertensive nephropathy patients should control the amount of red dates.

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