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How Does High Blood Pressure Cause Kidney Damage

2014-08-19 09:01

How Does High Blood Pressure Cause Kidney DamageHigh blood pressure is the second leading cause of CKD. It is easy for you to have kidney damage when you are with high blood pressure for 5-10 years. How does high blood pressure cause kidney damage?

High blood pressure for years can make your blood vessels become fragile so that some substance which should be retained in the body leak out, such as protein and red blood cells. Once they leak out, they further damage the blood vessels. Besides, when the blood vessels are damaged, they can not supply enough blood to the kidneys and then your kidneys are further damaged due to ischemia. Moreover, high blood pressure damages the tiny filtering units in your kidneys, as a result, the kidneys may stop removing waste and excess fluid from your blood. The extra fluid in your blood vessels may accumulated and raise blood pressure even more.

How to control your blood pressure?

-There are many medicines for you to lower blood pressure, such as ACEI and ARBs, which also helps to slow kidney damage. Take these blood pressure pills as prescribed by your doctor, even if you are feeling fine.

-Make changes to a healthier lifestyle. You should lower the intake of sodium, do some exercise regularly, keep a stable mood, etc.

-Do some tests regularly to check your kidney function, such as a blood test for creatinine, a urine test for protein, a urine test to check for red blood cells, etc. Once your kidney function begins to decline, immediate treatment should be received to prevent further damage.

Even if your kidneys have been damaged by high blood pressure, you should take it easy. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy can dilate blood vessels and remove stasis to lower blood pressure and improve ischemia. It can also eliminate kidney inflammation and stop kidney fibrosis. With systemic treatment, your kidney function can be recovered to certain extent.

People with high blood pressure has an increased chance of developing CKD, so early treatment is needed. If you have any other question, please feel free to contact online doctor or leave a message below.

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