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Is There Any Good Medication For FSGS

2014-12-22 06:44

Is There Any Good Medication For FSGSFocal Segmental Glomerularsclerosis (FSGS) can cause a part of glomeruli to be scarred. When kidneys are unable to work normally, they can cause many symptoms. Extreme fatigue and high creatinine are just resulted from diseased kidneys. Well, is there any good medication for FSGS?

FSGS is not a good type of pathological change. Because this type of kidney damage is not sensitive to routine western medicines. This is the reason why some people still have high creatinine level. Therefore, steroid treatment should not be used any more. Otherwise, the damage to kidney and other body organs will be serious. Under this condition, one is to control symptoms like proteinuria, swelling, high creatinine level, poor appetite and high blood pressure, etc. the other is to repair kidney damage to improve overall kidney function.

As for common symptoms, doctor usually use steroid treatment to control symptoms effectively and quickly. For instance, antibiotics are usually used to control infection and anti-inflammatory medicines to reduce immune response. But long time use of these medications will produce many side effects like recurrence of the disease, fatigue, weakness and poor appetite, etc. Besides, steroid therapy only treats kidney disease in the surface, not the root of disease.

In our hospital, we use comprehensive treatment to treat FSGS from the root. That is to say, the comprehensive therapy can treat kidney disease from repairing damaged kidney cells, then stopping renal fibrosis. At last, kidney function can be recovered in long term. What’s else, the effective ingredients in this comprehensive therapy are all natural herbs and have no side effects. Many patients are willing to have a try of this natural remedy.

Is there any good medication for FSGS? The good medication for FSGS is to combine western medicine and Chinese medicine together. If you have any question, you can leave a message to kidneycares@hotmail.com or consult our online doctor directly.

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