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What Is The Recommended Therapy For Focal Segmental Glomerulosclerosis

2014-09-17 07:02

What Is The Recommended Therapy For Focal Segmental GlomerulosclerosisFocal Segmental Glomerulosclerosis (FSGS) indicates partial glomerular sclerosis. Once there is cellular sclerosis, there will be an absolute loss of overall kidney function. Well then what is the recommended therapy for focal segmental glomerulosclerosis?

If analyzed from cytology, there are three types of cells in the kidneys. There are healthy functional cells, damaged cells and necrotic cells. Healthy cells are working excessively which makes them fragile to any external influence like infection. As to these damaged cells, they are still working but partially incapability. This type of cells is on the road of becoming necrotic. With regard to necrotic cells, frankly speaking, there is no method to restore their function.

what you need now is to receive a systematic treatment. First, controlling symptoms and preventing them from damaging your kidney function. Second, you need to improve your kidney function and do not just depend on medicine or dialysis to remove toxins from your body. Third, you need to repair the damaged kidney cells and protect the good ones to work, thus improving the kidney function.

We mainly adopt Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy to improve your kidney function. The therapeutic mechanism of this therapy is to block renal fibrosis, repair damaged intrinsic cells and rebuild the normal kidney structure by way of dilating blood vessels, anti-inflammation, anti-coagulation, preventing blood viscosity and degrading extracellular matrix. Thus, it helps provide a favorable environment for restoring kidney damage and gradually kidney function will be improved. As a FSGS patient, you should take treatment as soon as possible. Thus, the therapeutic effects will be better.

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