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Recommended Treatment Of Refractory FSGS

2014-05-19 02:20

Recommended Treatment Of Refractory FSGSFocal Segmental Glomerularsclerosis (FSGS) is a refractory disease. It is a miracle cure of conventional treatment to treat FSGS successfully. However, our specialized kidney disease hospital’s immunotherapy brings new hope for patients with refractory FSGS.

Glomerusclerosis refers to scarring or hardening of the glomeruli. Damaged glomeruli cannot perform their job adequately. Consequently, a large amount of protein from the blood leak into the urine rather than remaining in the bloodstream. This is a condition called protein in urine or proteinuria. if untreated effectively, it will progress to kidney failure. Also many other symptoms will occur like hematuria, high blood pressure, anemia and swelling, etc.

Conventional remedies are only effective for alleviating relative symptoms but cannot repair the injured glomeruli. However, immunotherapy can not only control symptoms but also repair impaired glomeruli. As long as the glomeruli is restored, all the related medical conditions can be stopped or prevented from the root.

How does Immunotherapy treat refractory FSGS?

Immunotherapy is a systematic treatment which combines a series of treatment method such as Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy and blood purification techniques. Different patients and different kidney damage choose more than one treatment methods to treat this disease.

First, immunotherapy is used to alleviate symptoms like proteinuria, high blood pressure, swelling and other symptoms through restoring the damaged glomeruli. Thus, kidney function can be improved remarkably.

Second, immune regulate in immunotherapy can regulate autoimmune process of patients with FSGS. In this way, it will block the abnormal immune response.

Third, the advanced blood purifying techniques can remove immune complexes depositing in glomeruli and then provide a clean internal environment. This step helps provide a good road to the following treatment.

Fourth, the most important function of immunotherapy is to protect residual kidney function and repair damaged kidney function. Based on different patients’ conditions, various herbs are chosen. Some of the herbs have the ability of promoting new tissues to grow while others can enhance patients’ self-curative ability and improve their immunity. As long as damaged kidneys work again, patients’ condition can become better largely.

Immunotherapy is our recommended treatment for refractory FSGS. It not only relieve symptoms but also improve kidney function effectively.

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