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How Does Foot Bath Help Protect Kidney Function In FSGS

2014-03-07 08:56

How Does Foot Bath Help Protect Kidney Function In FSGSFocal Segmental Glomerulonephritis Sclerosis(FSGS) is a kidney disease of immune disorder in which immune complexes deposit on the glomerular epithelial cells. Without treatment, it will progress into kidney failure with the development of the disease. It is researched that foot bath is able to postpone its progression into kidney failure. How does foot bath prevent the development of FSGS naturally?

Foot bath has the following benefits for FSGS patients, including:

1. Stimulate blood circulation

Damaged kidneys tend to be in a state of renal ischemia and hypoxia. In clinic, feet have reflecting region and acupoint, so taking feet bath with proper temperature water to stimulate the reflecting region, blood circulation can be stimulated, endocrine system can be adjusted and organ functions can be enhanced so as to get the treatment result of preventing and treating disease. Also renal ischemia can be alleviated to some extent.

2. Balance blood pressure

Clinically, taking feet bath with Chinese medicines can lower high blood pressure and help avoid some side effects of medications. High blood pressure in FSGS patients will lead to further kidney damages, so lowering high blood pressure with feet bath is able to reduce further kidney damages.

3. Promote metabolism

Feet bath can promote the feet and whole body’s blood circulation. As a result of increased blood flow, internal secretion functions can be adjusted and make endocrine glands secrete hormones. These hormones is able to promote metabolism. This is also helpful for FSGS patients with metabolism disorder.

4. Stimulate original qi by foot bath

Foot bath can stimulate original qi in kidney meridian and eliminate toxic pathogenic factors in kidney meridian by immersing feet into the medicinal decoction, which can act on Yongquan acupoint and Taixi acupoint. This therapy of foot bath is able to make original qi in kidney meridian of foot- Shaoyin sufficient and flow smoothly get to the kidneys and then the original qi can be restored.

We do believe that foot bath for FSGS

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