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Can People with FSGS Get Rid of Dialysis

2014-01-24 14:20

FSGS is a kind of glomerulonephritis that attacks glomeruli causing serious scarring. It is associated with a poor prognosis. Many patients will develop kidney failure and have to reply on dialysis to keep them alive. Can people with FSGS get rid of dialysis?

To know if the patients with FSGS can get rid of dialysis, the first step is to know why their kidneys fail. Glomeruli are the basic functional units of kidneys. Each kidney is composed of around one million glomeruli. Glomeruli act as filters in kidneys and can filter out waste products from body. The useful substances can not pass through the filters so will be retained in body.

However, in FSGS, the immune system fails to function normally, which can cause immune complexes to form in blood. If the immune complexes linger in blood over time, they will enter kidneys, causing inflammation there. The inflammation can impair glomeruli, resulting in progressive renal function decline. With the disease progression, more glomeruli and other parts of kidneys will also be involved. Eventually, Kidney Failure will result.

After the above analysis, you should know that you should restore your impaired kidney structure and improve your renal function in order to help you get rid of dialysis. However, the conventional treatment can not help at all.

To attain the above treatment goal, Micro-Chinese Medicines Osmotherapy is a recommended treatment for FSGS patients on dialysis. This therapy can improve renal function by restoring the impaired kidney structure. Meanwhile, a variety of assistant treatment methods will also be applied in the treatment process like Medicated Bath, oral herbal medicine, acupuncture etc. if the native kidneys can work more efficiently, dialysis will not be required.

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