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Can Proteinuria in FSGS Be Reversed

2013-11-02 14:26

Proteinuria refers to leakage of protein in urine.It is a typical sign of FSGS and also can accelerate renal function deterioration significantly.Can proteinuria in FSGS be reversed?

Causes of proteinuria in FSGS

To reverse proteinuria in FSGS,the first step is to find out its causes.Glomeruli with tinier holes on them act as filters in kidneys.As blood passes through healthy kidneys,the waste products can pass through the holes and end up in urine. Meanwhile, the things that body needs like albumin and other proteins will be left in blood. Most proteins are too big to pass through the kidneys’ filters into urine.However,in FSGS,the glomeruli become scarred and even necrotic.The holes on glomeruli become larger which allow proteins to pass through them.As a result,a large amount of proteins will be leaked into urine.

If proteinuria occurs,it can lead to edema.Additionally,if the protein in urine exceeds 1g in FSGS,the renal function will deteriorate vary rapidly.Kidney Failure will come in the near further.

Can proteinuria in FSGS be reversed?

Proteinuria in FSGS can be reversed.As mentioned above, protein leakage into urine results from impairment of glomeruli. Therefore, to control proteinuria completely and fundamentally, the patients should have a treatment to reverse the glomerular damage and recover the barrier function of glomeruli.

Immunotherapy and Micro-Chinese Medicines Osmotherapy are recommended treatments for FSGS patients with proteinuria. These two treatments play different roles in treating the condition.

Immunotherapy can suppress the inflammation in kidneys and stop more damage to glomeruli. In addition, it can make the body retrieve normal immune system.The immune system will return to protect body instead attack it.Also,it can enhance the self-healing of the impaired kidney tissues.

Micro-Chinese Medicines Osmotherapy can activate the self-regeneration and self-healing of the impaired kidney tissues. When the kidney structure can be restored, the renal function will be improved remarkably.

Immunotherapy and Micro-Chinese Medicines Osmotherapy can treat proteinuria in FSGS from its underlying causes. Thereby, the proteinuria will be controlled completely.

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