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Treatment for Stage 3 FSGS

2013-10-01 10:05

FSGS is an immunologically mediated kidney disorder with the inflammation and scarring of glomeruli,filters in kidneys.It is a very hard disease to manage.Without effective treatment, Kidney Failure will come soon.What is the treatment for stage 3 FSGS?

Stage 3 FSGS

The glomeruli act as filters in kidneys which have certain-size holes.In right condition,they can filter out extra fluid and wastes from body and meanwhile keep useful substances including protein in body.However,in FSGS,the glomeruli become inflamed and scarred,the proteins will pass through the holes in glomeruli and end up in urine.

As proteins in blood can hold fluid in blood vessels,the loss of protein in blood will cause loss of fluid from blood vessels.The fluid will infilter into subcutaneous tissue, resulting in edema. Due to gravity, edema mainly occurs in lower body parts. In a word, protein in urine and edema are two typical signs of stage 3 FSGS.

Treatment for stage 3 FSGS

Prednisone,cyclophosphamide and immunosuppressive agents are often used to suppress the inflammatory response in kidneys. Prednisone can reduce protein in urine by reducing the permeability of renal blood vessels.These medications can help relieve the symptoms of stage 3 FSGS and slow the condition progression.

FSGS can be primary or secondary to other conditions and diseases.However,the general cause is immunological.Immune system can protect the body against foreign harmful substances,but now attacks kidneys by mistake.The abnormal immune response cause the inflammation in kidneys.

To treat stage 3 FSGS,the patients should firstly have treatment to suppress the inflammation in kidneys.It can help stop further immune damage to kidneys.Then,correcting immune dysfunction and rebuilding normal immune system can prevent the immune system from attacking kidney tissues completely. Immunotherapy can help the patients with stage 3 FSGS attain the above treatment goals.

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