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Natural Treatment for FSGS in Lupus

2013-09-23 11:43

FSGS is short for focal segmental glomerulosclerosis.It is a condition that damages the glomeruli which are the filters in kidneys.There is a variety of causes of FSGS like lupus,Diabetes, etc.What is the natural treatment for FSGS in lupus?

FSGS in lupus

Lupus is a disease of immune system.Apart from kidneys,it can also damage to the skin,joints,nervous system etc.In right condition,the immune system can protect the body against infection.In lupus,however, the immune system attacks the healthy body cells and tissues mistakenly. About half of people with lupus have kidney involvement.When the immune system attacks kidneys,it will cause inflammation in kidneys. If the inflammation can cease, it will cause fibrosis and then scarring of the filters.In FSGS,a large part of glomeruli become scarred and sclerotic.

Natural treatment for FSGS in lupus

Treatment for lupus is an important part in treating FSGS.It can reduce more damage to kidneys and slow renal function decline.

In addition,immunosuppressive agents and hormones are generally prescribed to treat FSGS in lupus.However,long-term use of these medications the can cause a large number of side effects.

Here a natural treatment is recommended to treat FSGS in lupus known as Micro-Chinese Medicines Osmotherapy.It has the following therapeutic effects.

-The effective medicines can suppress the inflammatory response in kidneys and stop further immune damage to kidneys.

-The osmotherapy can correct the immune dysfunction and recover the normal immune system.Once the immune system returns to normal function,it will stop attacking the body tissues and cells.

-The active substances in Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy can stimulate the regeneration of the impaired kidney tissues and cells,thus resulting in renal function improvement.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy can treat FSGS in lupus from its underlying cause.Also,it is a natural treatment without causing any adverse effects on body.

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