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Natural Remedy to Lower High Creatinine in FSGS

2013-09-10 11:23

Natural Remedy to Lower High Creatinine in FSGSFSGS is featured with inflammation and scarring of filters called glomeruli in kidneys. High creatinine occurs as a result of reduced renal function.What is the natural remedy to lower high creatinine in FSGS?

High creatinine in FSGS

FSGS is an immune-medicated kidney disorder,in which the immune system attacks kidneys by mistake.The abnormal immune response can cause inflammation in kidneys,thus resulting in inflammation in kidneys.As the condition progresses, more and more filters in kidneys will be affected and impaired. The renal function will decrease progressively and high levels of wastes will build up in blood. Creatinine, the byproduct of muscle metabolism, will accumulate in blood, thus resulting in high creatinine.

Natural remedy to lower high creatinine in FSGS

To lower high creatinine,one of important ways is to increase the excretion of creatinine from body.Some Chinese herbal medicines can increase the excretion of waste products through other channels like intestines.Common Chinese herbal medicines for treating kidney disease include rheum officinale,Cordyceps sinensis etc.Email to kidneycares@hotmail.com  to get a list of these herbs.

Another natural remedy to lower high creatinine in FSGS is increase the removal of creatinine through skin.It is widely known that skin is an important excretory organ in body. Medicated Bath can open the sweat pores when the patients soak in fluid.When sweat pores open,certain amount of wastes and extra fluid in body will be filtered out of body through sweat pores.

The above treatments can increase the excretion of creatinine and other wastes from body to lower high creatinine in FSGS.

However,as high creatinine in FSGS results from poor renal function.To lower high creatinine in FSGS, an important goal of treatment is to improve renal function and make the native kidneys function more efficiently.In this way,more wastes will be filtered out of body. As a result, high creatinine will reduce fundamentally.

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