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How to Alleviate High Blood Pressure in FSGS

2014-02-28 12:04

How to Alleviate High Blood Pressure in FSGSHigh blood pressure is a very common complication of FSGS. High blood pressure is very harmful for kidneys and can make patients’ conditions worse. Thus, patients with FSGS should do their best to treat high blood pressure. How to alleviate high blood pressure in FSGS? Here we will discuss this theme.

On the whole, patients with FSGS should alleviate high blood pressure in three aspects, which are medicines, diet and physical exercise.

1. Medicines.

Angiotensin-Converting Enzyme Inhibitors (ACEI) and Angiotensin Receptor Blocker (ARB) have good effects on high blood pressure in FSGS, and they can not only contribute to lowering blood pressure but also can be very beneficial for kidneys. These medicines have good effects on symptoms and take effect in a very short time. Thus, patients with FSGS can use ACEI and ARB to make blood pressure lower. Besides, patients with FSGS can treat high blood pressure by Chinese medicines. Chinese medicines focus on treatment fundamentally and have properties of making blood vessels wide and relax to alleviate high blood pressure. And Chinese medicines is very effective on repairing kidney damage and recovering kidney function. However, Chinese medicines take a long time to show effects on patients with FSGS.

2. Diet.

Having a healthy diet is very helpful for patients with FSGS to lower blood pressure. They should pay attention to diet in daily life. As sodium is the direct cause of high blood pressure, patients should eat a low sodium diet and avoid food high in sodium, especially salt. If they have the symptom of proteinuria, patients with FSGS should have a low protein diet. But if not, they don’t need to limit intake of protein. Besides, they should eat some food containing vitamins and avoid high fat food.

3. Physical exercise.

According to related statistics, proper and scientific exercise can decline blood pressure. Patients can take regular exercise in daily life, and walking, jogging and swimming are recommended for high blood pressure in FSGS.

If patients with FSGS have high blood pressure, they should be in compliance with these three aspects to treat high blood pressure. In this way, patients can get an effective result at last. What is more, it is very significant for patients to treat FSGS, which is the best way to decrease blood pressure completely.

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