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How to Prevent Children FSGS Relapse

2013-08-27 09:36

How to Prevent Children FSGS RelapseFSGS is hard condition to manage.If left untreated or treated ineffectively,kidney failure will be the final result.Frequent children FSGS relapses are significant accelerators in worsening renal function.Then how to prevent children FSGS relapse?

Why does children FSGS relapse?

FSGS is an immune-medicated disorder.It means that the immune system fails to work properly and attacks kidney tissues by mistake.General treatment for FSGS include prednisone, cyclophosphamide and other medications for symptoms.These medications can relieve inflammation in kidneys and abnormal immune response in kidneys, but can not correct the immune dysfunction. Where there is a trigger, FSGS will relapse.

How to know if children FSGS relapses?

If your child has been doing well but the at-home tests show a protein level of 2+ or more than three days in a row, it may indicate children FSGS relapse. You should call your child’s doctor immediately.

While your child is relapsing,make sure that his fluid and salt intake should be limited restrictively. Once the child has responded to treatment for his relapse, the restriction on salt and fluid can be eased.

If you have no idea about if your child is relapsing, chat with our online doctor for an consultation now!

How to prevent children FSGS relapse?

Immune dysfunction and abnormal immune response are the causes of children FSGS relapse.If these underlying causes can be controlled, your child will avoid relapse.

Immunotherapy is a recommended treatment for children FSGS. It has been used to treat a variety of conditions by suppressing or enhancing an immune response.

In treating children FSGS,immunotherapy can suppress the inflammatory response and stop the release of inflammatory factors.Thereby,it will stop further immune damage to kidneys.

In addition,immunotherapy can help the body correct the abnormal immune system and recover the self-healing ability of the body. Once the impaired kidney tissues can be regenerated, the renal function will have an improvement. In this way, children FSGS relapse will be prevented completely.

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