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Is Eating Lady Finger Safe for FSGS

2016-01-10 08:44

Is Eating Lady Finger Safe for FSGSIs eating lady finger safe for FSGS? FSGS is a kind of kidney disease with gradually reduced kidney function. As we know, kidney patients need to pay attention to what they eat, because right diet can reduce kidney burden and protect residual kidney function. So FSGS patients may wonder whether they can eat lady finger in their daily diet.

First, let’s get the benefits of taking lady finger for people.

1. Good for digestive system and protect stomach

2. Improve the appetite and protect eyes

3. Strengthen kidneys

4. Improve the immune system and prevent infections or inflammations

5. Improve the blood circulation and relieve fatigue and weakness

Second, is eating lady finger safe for FSGS?

FSGS is a progressive kidney disease, so the specific illness condition will be different from case to case. Whether eating lady finger is safe for FSGS should depend on their own case.

There is one important thing that FSGS patients need to pay attention, which is the potassium content in lady finger. For FSGS patients, if their kidneys have been damaged severely, they can get high potassium level in blood, and it can lead to the symptoms such as irregular heart beat, heart failure, muscle weakness, or even sudden death, which can be very dangerous. So if you have high potassium level with FSGS, you need to avoid the lady finger intake, because it is high in potassium, about 1443 mg/100g.

However, if you don’t have high potassium level with FSGS, you can take proper amount of the lady finger by following the advice of doctors. So, if you want to get the specific amount of lady finger that you can eat with FSGS, you can consult online doctor for free help, or you can also send your recent test reports to kidneycares@hotmail.com, our doctor will help analyze and give more suggestions for your own case.

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