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What To Eat After Kidney Transplant

2015-09-18 02:41

What To Eat After Kidney TransplantDue to long time use of immunosuppressive agents after kidney transplant, body metabolism will be affected including sugar, protein, uric acid, sodium, potassium and calcium, etc. A proper diet should be followed to avoid high blood pressure, obesity, hyperlipidemia and high blood sugar, etc. Well then, what to eat after a kidney transplant?

1. Fluid intake

Too much fluid intake will increase the burden on your heart. Less fluid intake will affect blood perfusion to the transplanted kidney. Fluid intake per day should depend on daily urine volume.

2. Low sodium intake

Kidney transplant patients need to follow a low sodium diet. Patients without high blood pressure, swelling and less urine volume can increase sodium intake properly. Sodium intake should not be more than 6-8g.

3. Protein

Immunosuppressive agents can accelerate the breakdown of protein but inhibit protein synthesis. As a result, protein consumption will increase. Thus, patients should increase high quality protein intake especially animal protein such as fish, eggs and lean meats. Eat less plant protein such as beans, peanuts because these foods may place a burden on your kidneys.

4. Control sugar intake

After kidney transplant, some medications like cortical hormone and ciclosporin can cause an elevation in blood sugar. If you eat foods with high sugar, blood sugar level is easy to occur, causing diabetes. Diabetes not only affects cardiovascular system but also affects the function of transplanted kidney. Besides, it also can increase the risk of rejection. Therefore, patients should eat less sweets.

5. Avoid or eat less the following foods:

1. Avoid eating foods and health care foods which can boost immune system such as black fungus, red dates, honey, bee milk, ginseng and velvet antler because these foods may decrease the therapeutic effect of immunosuppresive agents.

2. Eat less too salty foods

3. Avoid spicy and stimulated foods such as coffee, tea, cigarette and liquor.

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