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Will A Vegetable/ Fresh Fruit Diet Raise My Kidney GFR

2014-08-06 03:42

Will A Vegetable/ Fresh Fruit Diet Raise My Kidney GFRTreating kidney disease is a long process. In this process, patients have to take a lot of medications to control symptoms, such as anti-hypertensive drugs, steroids, diuretics, etc. All of these drugs have side effects if used for a long time. In such case, people begin to seek help from natural remedies. Will a vegetable/fresh fruit diet raise my kidney GFR?

A vegetable/fresh fruit diet does some help in raising your kidney GFR. Because some of them contain high content of vitamins, which can not only boost your immune system, but also help regulate blood pressure, absorb calcium and iron, etc. Some of them are rich in fiber, which can help you lower blood sugar level and cholesterol level as well as ease constipation and improve digestion, etc. Moreover, some are packed with various minerals needed by your body, such as iron, calcium, magnesium and so on.

However, vegetable and fruits are not enough for maintaining your health, because your body needs protein to function. Though vegetable and fruit can provide protein as well, they are almost non-essential amino acid. You have to consume some lean meat, egg white or poultry without skin to supplement the essential amino acid. How much you can take depends on your medical condition.

Diet can slow down the progression of kidney failure, but it is just an adjunctive therapy of medication therapy. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is also a natural therapy, so you do not have to worry about its side effects. When receiving treatment, you just lie on the bed and then the active ingredients can be penetrated into the damaged kidneys. They can restrain kidney inflammation, dilate blood vessels, block blood clotting and stop kidney fibrosis. When the damaged kidneys are repaired, your GFR increases.

Diet and treatment often go hand in hand. Only in this way can you achieve a good therapeutic effect. For more information about our treatment, please contact online doctor.

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