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Is Collard Good For Kidney Transplant Patients

2014-06-21 01:55

Is Collard Good For Kidney Transplant PatientsThe high levels of vitamins and minerals in collard can help prevent and fight many diseases. Kidney transplant is a treatment of kidney failure. Daily diet plays an important role in kidney disease. Now that collard is nutritious, is it ok for kidney transplant patients?

Generally speaking, collard can do some help for kidney transplant patients. The following will be some health benefits of collard.

1. Good for bone

Kidney disease patients usually have bone problems because damaged kidneys easily cause low calcium. This leads to bone fracture and osteoporosis and bone pain, etc. Collard is good for bone health, repair and development. People with bone problems in kidney failure will find this vegetable a great help.

2. Improve blood circulation and build blood

There is high content of chlorophyll in collards which can improve the hemoglobin level in your body. In this way, it is one of the best vegetable for people who are anemic. Besides, it is able to improve blood circulation, prevent blood stagnancy and inflammation. Thus, more blood will be supplied to damaged kidneys to alleviate renal ischemia.

3. Immune system enhance

Almost kidney diseases are due to immune system disorder. The vitamin C that is present in collard is helpful for enhancing immune system. With enough vitamin C, your body will be able to fight different kinds of disease.

4. Vision health

Vision problem is also a symptom of kidney failure. The ingredients in collard are necessary for protecting our eyes against ultraviolent lights. Due to high levels of anti-oxidants, they are helpful in defending the retina against free radicals.

Despite the health benefits of collard, too much may also cause harm to the body and worsen your medical conditions as well as aggravate the progression of kidney disease. Diet nursing is one aspect of kidney disease treatment but it is not enough. Repairing kidney damage and improving renal function is the permanent solution for kidney failure patients. As for how to improve kidney function, you can consult our renal experts or leave us message to kidneycares@hotmail.com. We will reply you as soon as possible.

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