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Coconut Oil and Kidney Disease

2013-07-27 18:16

Coconut Oil and Kidney DiseaseIs coconut oil good for kidney disease patients? Since coconut oil has been used widely for hair care, skin care, weight loss, immune system improvement and stress relief, many people with kidney disease also have a strong desire to try it. However, is coconut oil available for them?

Coconut oil

It is honored as the most healthy edible oil throughout the world. And, some people think virgin coconut oil helps with kidney protection and well control of high blood sugars, because of its great benefits.

First of all, this oil contains rich medium-chain fatty acid, which has a strong exclusive to toxins. When kidneys are damaged, they may not filter out waste products and toxins adequately, thus affecting the whole immune system. Coconut oil can help damaged kidney solve the problem of toxin deposition to a large extent.

What’s more, coconut oil is an easy remedy to boost kidney disease patients’ immune system. The reason why we say coconut oil has such an effect is that it contains antimicrobial lipids, lauric acid, caprylic acid and capric acid, which can help fight against viruses and bacteria. Therefore, coconut oil can keep kidney disease patients from inflammation and infections.

Does this mean coconut oil is good for all kidney disease patients?

Although this edible oil has the above benefits, it is still not available for some kidney disease patients. As kidney disease progresses, heart disease or high cholesterol occurs easily. At this situation, foods high in saturated fat will worsen patients’ condition, while coconut oil is a source of saturate fat.


Coconut oil is one great type of edible oil, but it doesn’t mean all people with kidney disease can consume. Correct use of it can assist the whole medical treatment largely. However, incorrect use is more likely to destroy the whole treatment. Therefore, consulting the doctor is very necessary before using it.

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