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Vegetables And Fruits For Kidney Health

2013-07-09 10:25

Vegetables And Fruits For Kidney HealthGenerally speaking, a vegetarian diet with more fresh vegetables and fruits, less meats and fats are good for promoting kidney health. For healthy people, there is no special restriction on the types of fruits and vegetables. However if the patient has developed kidney disease and their kidney functions have been affected, fruits and veggies that are rich in potassium or phosphorus should be avoided or limited.


Many vegetables help promote kidney functions because they are good sources of vitamins and diet fibers. For kidney disease patients, kidney-friendly vegetables include cabbage, bell pepper, cauliflower, onion, etc. All these veggies are low-potassium and they can help prevent kidney disease and improve kidney functions.

Drinking the juices of alfalfa sprouts, cabbage sprouts, beat greens, cucumbers can help cleanse the kidneys, promote excretion of wastes and bacteria from the kidneys and protect kidney functions.


Generally speaking, berries are all good for the kidney health such as blueberry, cranberry, strawberry, etc. They are high antioxidants and low potassium. Cranberry is also a natural remedy for preventing and treating urinary tract infections. It can also help prevent the formation of kidney stones. Antioxidants can help protect body cells fro being damaged.

Drinking juices of apple, pineapple, orange, grapes, cranberries, melons and strawberries can help remove harmful materials from the kidneys. Pineapple has diuretics and anti-inflammatory properties. Watermelon juice can help dissolve large kidney stone and make it easy to be discharged through urination. But if the patient has diabetes, watermelon is not a good choice.

Whether it is whole form or juice form, they are rich in vitamins and minerals and can help promote kidney functions. If you prefer to have juices of vegetables and fruits, it should be counted as fluid intake. Drinking more fluid can help cleanse the kidneys and prevent many kidney problems. Water intake should be controlled if patients have swelling or between dialysis sessions.

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