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Can People with Kidney Disease Eat Tomato

2013-04-25 14:26

Can People with Kidney Disease Eat TomatoTomato is always considered as a legitimate superfood, so quite a number of patients who have kidney problems want to find out “can people with kidney disease eat tomato”. Its nutritions and minerals determine whether these patients can eat it.

Tomato is a perfect vegetable that can help shed excess pounds and control patients’ weight. Tomato also contains rich vitamin C, rutin, lycopene, and acidity, etc. These minerals are able to help lower serum cholesterol, prevent coronary artery disease, lower high blood pressure and ease swelling. Therefore, eating correct tomato is good to help treat kidney disease to some extent.

Tomato also contains some substances that can function as a diuretic, so for people with kidney disease, they can increase their urine volume to remove more wastes and toxins from the body. It is good for people with early stage kidney disease and nephritis.

Anemia is a very common symptom of kidney disease. Tomato adding milk is a great source of iron, so that it can help remit patients’ anemia.

Tomato contains so many healthy benefits. Does this mean all patients with kidney disease can eat tomato? Unfortunately, the answer is no. Besides many other minerals, tomato is also rich in potassium. People on dialysis are more likely to be tested out high potassium level. Therefore, these patients should avoid tomato, otherwise irregular heart beat or muscle cramps may occur easily.

Remember that eating correctly is able to assist your whole treatment, but in turn, eating mistakenly may cause severe healthy problems easily. Pay attention to change your diet plan timely according with the development of your condition.

In fact, many foods are able to protect your remaining normal kidney function, but different people need different foods. If you want to choose some foods that can help you treat your kidney disease, you can tell the kidney experts online so that they can help you make a diet plan in detail.

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